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Trailer for upcoming horror movie 'The Hangman' (2024)

Dread has unveiled the trailer for an upcoming horror film called The Hangman

The story follows a father's journey as he confronts both a murderous cult and a bloodthirsty demon in a desperate attempt to rescue his kidnapped son during a nightmarish camping trip. The movie features Lindsey Dresbach, Richard Lounello, Jefferson Cox, Daniel Martin Berkey, and Mar Cellus in key roles.

The official synopsis for the movie reads:
A local cult has summoned an evil demon born of hate and pain, known to them as The Hangman, and now the bodies have begun to pile up. Leon wakes up in the morning to discover that his son is missing. To find him, Leon must face the murderous cult and the bloodthirsty monster that is The Hangman.
Director Bruce Wemple had this to say:
“We set out to tell a story about the lengths a father will go to get his son back, including coming face to face with a bloodthirsty demon raised from hell. We can’t wait for audiences to come along for the ride.”
The film is set to receive a limited theatrical release on May 31 before becoming available on VOD starting June 6.

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