Insidious 6 Gets Release Date

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Insidious movie franchise set to release new film in 2025

The next installment in the popular horror franchise, Insidious, co-produced by Screen Gems and Blumhouse Productions, is set to release on August 29, 2025, as part of Sony Pictures' lineup.

This news comes just over a year after Blumhouse founder Jason Blum said that the fifth movie, Insidious: The Red Door, would be the last one for a while and mentioned that the franchise would take a very long rest and might be revisited in about ten years.

There's not much information about the new movie yet, only the date it is set to release. I will update this page as new information arrives. The Red Door was a financial success, and while reviews are mixed, it earned $189 million worldwide, with the series as a whole making over $730 million globally! No wonder they want to release another one already!

The Science Of Scare project voted a scene from the Insidious franchise as having the biggest impact on a persons heartbeat. and while it did not reveal what scene it was, it is believed to be the Red Demon: Face Of Fire clip, which you can watch below.

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