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I have been a horror fan for as long as I can remember, My first horror movie I watched was Child's Play, when I was 11. No, my parents did not know, it was my brother who let me watch it! Ever since that day when the world of Chucky entered my life, I have been hooked of all things horror, not just movies.

I started out with a Twitter page to talk about horror movies in November 2023 and really enjoyed it. Lots of great people sharing love for horror. Which is why I decided to start Horror Movie Lists, which was launched in January 2024 as a way to try and connect to more horror fansAs you can see, the site is very very basic, as I had never done a website before. But I kind of like basic and hopefully will improve it as time goes on. I would love the site to become a little community of horror lovers.

If you love horror movies, then hopefully you will feel right at home here and maybe, just maybe, you will find a movie recommended you haven't watched before, or some news about an upcoming horror movie you had no idea about!

I welcome all opinions on this site, but please be respectful. And I welcome any feedback as well. Remember it is just me doing this site, a one man hobby.

You can contact me on my Instagram and Twitter pages or send me an email.

So get started by reading some horror movie lists or horror movie reviews.

Here I will answer 10 common horror questions to get to know a little bit more about me when it comes to horror movies, and would love to know your answers! Let me know in the comments.

Horror movie questions

1 - The Shining. It's so much more than a horror movie though.

2 - I honestly do not get scared really while watching movies, I think I have become immune, but I found Hell House quite creepy.

3 - Psychological horror.

4 - Going to say Chucky. He's evil but funny too.

5 - Nope. Most disturbing horror I watched was Cannibal Holocaust. But I did finish it.

6 - I do believe in supernatural presences, but have never experience anything spooky myself. But as the poster Mulder has on his wall says, ''I want to believe''.

7 - Build tension.

8 - Out of nostalgia I will say the Child's Play franchise. Haven't enjoyed them all, but what can I say, I do love Chucky.

9 - Scream. I do like Scream, don't get me wrong. But I also think the franchise is overrated by many, too. *Runs and hides*,

10 - Well, I answered that before, but it's Child's Play.