5 Best Hidden Gem Canadian Horror Movies

Top 5 hidden gem Canadian horror movies to watch


Cube is a survival horror movie that revolves around six strangers who find themselves trapped in a series of cube-shaped rooms filled with deadly traps. The movie starts off with a shocking twist as one of the characters meets a gruesome end right from the beginning, and it was a great way to start the movie!

The film is really underrated, it cleverly employs various tricks that keep you constantly guessing. It switches leads, making us shift our alliances and perceptions of each character. By the midpoint of the movie, the tension reaches a boiling point, leaving you feeling as paranoid as the characters themselves. [Cube on IMDB]

Ginger Snaps

Ahh, I love Ginger Snaps. It tells the story of the Fitzgerald sisters, Ginger and Brigitte, who are social outcasts obsessed with death. When a series of dog attacks in their neighborhood is revealed to be the work of a werewolf, Ginger undergoes a series of transformations that frighten Brigitte and put others in danger.

This film combines a great sense of style with a wicked sense of humor, making it a truly fun viewing experience. It cleverly explores the themes of female coming-of-age and lycanthropy. [Ginger Snaps on IMDB]


Scanners introduces us to the protagonist, Cameron Vale, who possesses powerful telepathic and telekinetic abilities. Working for ConSec, a private military company, Vale embarks on a mission to track down and confront a rival scanner named Darryl Revok, who is responsible for assassinating one of ConSec's own.

Scanners blends horror and sci-fi elements and showcases David Cronenberg's trademark body horror through a series of creepy setpieces that will leave you disturbed. From fatal, fiery seances to being scanned by an unborn baby, it delivers a visual experience that is both horrifying and captivating.  [Scanners on IMDB]

The Gate

The Gate follows two young boys who accidentally open a hole to hell while investigating a geode in their backyard. While the premise may sound terrifying, The Gate takes a lighter approach to horror, making it suitable for younger audiences.

It embraces a imaginative and dreamlike logic. Rather than focusing on realism, the film transports you into a fantastical world where anything can happen. This approach allows for a more whimsical and captivating viewing experience, especially for those who appreciate films that prioritize creativity over strict adherence to reality. [The Gate on IMDB]

Beyond the Black Rainbow

Beyond the Black Rainbow follows a psychopathic doctor who conducts bizarre experiments on a young woman with psychic powers in a former New Age institute. The plot of the movie is deliberately opaque, leaving you to piece together the events and unravel the mysteries of the institute.

It draws a lot of inspiration from arthouse independent movies and 80s b-movie trash, resulting in a truly singular and unconventional viewing experience. The film's dreamlike logic transports you into a mesmerizing world where reality and fantasy blur together. [Beyond The Black Rainbow on IMDB]

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