Is Winnie The Pooh : Blood and Honey All That Bad?

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Is Winnie The Pooh : Blood and Honey worth watching?

So I recently watched Winnie The Pooh: Blood and Honey. I know what you're thinking, don't I have anything better to watch? Well yes, but after hearing the sequel isn't actually THAT bad, and how the first WAS really bad, and a third one is on the way, I wanted to watch them, starting with the first one, obviously.

So is it that bad? No, it's worse.

Blood and Honey, announced in May 2022, came about when A.A. Milne's copyright for Pooh expired, freeing artists to use the source material. Writer and director Rhys Waterfield decided he wanted to make Pooh a killer.

I went in with rock-bottom expectations anyway after reading and hearing a a lot about it yet somehow it managed to be even worse than I imagined. Up there with The Mean One Grinch horror movie for being so bad.

It's just poorly made from start to finish, with no redeeming qualities whatsoever. The only thing it shares with Winnie the Pooh is the name – everything else is just garbage. And I can see why a lot of people called this the worse horror movie of 2023. (The best was When Evil Lurks, BTW)

The film starts with Christopher Robin meeting the Hundred Acre Wood animals and befriending them. Despite promising eternal friendship, he leaves for college, abandoning them. Years later, he returns with his fiancée, only to find the animals have turned hostile, craving human flesh and seeking revenge for his desertion.

If the film's premise wasn't already lacking, it added a bunch of forgettable side characters too, mostly women, with no depth. The main character, Maria (played by Maria Taylor), has vague nightmares. She and her friends move into a cabin in Hundred Acre Wood, unaware that Pooh and Piglet are on a killing spree. It's just all a bit comical.

The killer Winnie the Pooh and Piglet designs are also embarrassingly low-budget, just two guys in cheap rubber masks, and the gore makeup is equally shoddy. The film is filled with unimaginative, poorly shot kill scenes. 

Instead of a darkly comedic twist on a children's story, it feels like a generic slasher flick. It's painfully predictable, especially once the action shifts to Hundred Acre Wood. Characters hear a noise, investigate, and then meet a poorly filmed demise in a repetitive cycle until the movie's over.

While the movie occasionally offers some shallow B-movie excitement, and I do mean shallow, it fails to redeem itself. The acting is poor, characters lack depth, and the horror elements are pretty shite.  

Have you had the misfortune of watching this movie? What did you think?

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