I Love Deadstream and You Should Too

Deadstream is a horror comedy found footage movie that is well worth a watch

I have to admit, I am a big fan of Deadstream, I think it is an excellent horror comedy that not only makes you laugh but has some really good horror moments as well, and it manages this mix very well. The whole film is just fun. You'll be laughing one moment and being spooked the next. Joseph Winter, who not only stars but also wrote and directed alongside his wife Vanessa Winter, is the heart and soul of this film and nails his performance.

Despite playing a character who is meant to be quite unlikable, you cannot help but like and root for him. The movie is a wild ride that pokes fun at internet celebrities, live-streaming shows, ghost-hunting programs, and found footage horror films, all while channeling the frenetic energy and dark humor of Evil Dead in the finale. 

Winter's hyperactive portrayal of Shawn is equal parts irritating, charming, and downright hilarious, making him a fitting modern-day counterpart to Ash as he faces off against all manner of threats, enduring bodily fluids and beatings with comedic gusto. The film is lively and engaging, blending genuinely creepy moments with its comedic flair.

So lets talk a bit more about what the film is about.

Following a turbulent journey of navigating quite a few setbacks, Shawn Ruddy (Joseph Winter) finds himself abandoned by his sponsors and ousted from YouTube. Undeterred, he begins the arduous climb back to success. Remarkably, he secures a new channel on Livvid, secures an energy drink sponsorship, and commits to confronting one of his deepest fears—ghosts—by exploring a reputedly haunted house and live streaming his experiences for the watching audience.

The chosen location bears a dark history of paranormal occurrences, stemming from Mildred Pratt, a woman from the early 20th century who received the house from her affluent father in a bid to attract suitors. Despite initial success, tragedy struck when her fiancé passed away on the eve of their wedding, leading Mildred to take her own life. Since then, a string of unfortunate events has befallen occupants of the house, raising questions about Mildred's lingering presence and her longing for a family in death.

As Shawn immerses himself in the spooky atmosphere, accompanied unexpectedly by his superfan Molly (played by Melanie Stone), tensions rise. While Shawn aims to face his fears head-on, Molly's presence adds an unpredictable element to their exploration. Together, they navigate strange noises, employ protective rituals, and delve into the supernatural with a spirit board, all while grappling with the possibility that the house harbors something more sinister than mere hauntings.

Deadstream unfolds as a horror tale that cleverly incorporates nods to genre classics while maintaining its own identity. Through its blend of storytelling prowess and creative chaos, it emerges as a standout example of the found footage genre, and a movie more people need to watch, If you have Shudder, you can watch it on that, so do yourself a favor and give it a watch, please?  7.5/10. [Deadstream on IMDB]

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