5 Hidden Gem Slasher Movies To Add To Your Watchlist

Have you seen these 5 underrated hidden gem slasher movies?

Tourist Trap

Tourist Trap stars Chuck Connors from "The Riflemen." What I love about this movie is the unexpected presence of Chuck Connors in a horror film, I mean, seriously? The story revolves around a group of kids who visit his house full of wax figures that resemble dolls, and the sinister atmosphere created by these wax figures always gives me the chills. [Tourist Trap on IMDB]


Pieces is a brilliant slasher film that stands out for its plot. It revolves around a killer who mutilates college students on campus, taking them piece by piece, just as the title suggests. The suspense and mystery surrounding the identity of the killer keeps you guessing, and it is just a fun movie you need to watch. [Pieces on IMDB]

Slaughter High

Slaughter High delves into the theme of revenge. The main character, a kid who was once bullied in high school, gets the chance for payback during the high school reunion. Although the reunion is attended by only a small group of people, the setting of the high school adds a nostalgic and intense atmosphere to the film. You will have a lot of fun watching this flick. [Slaughter High on IMDB]

Happy Birthday to Me

Happy Birthday to Me centers around a girl celebrating her birthday in college. As her friends start dying off one by one in the week leading up to her birthday, the suspense grows. This film also features actor Matt Craven, who later became more prominent in the industry. It has a few twists and turns and just when you think you have it worked out, guess what? Another twist. The ending is a bit ridiculous, but in a good way. [Happy Birthday To Me on IMDB]


For fans of Evil Dead, Intruder is definitely worth a watch. Directed by Sam Raimi and featuring both Raimi and Bruce Campbell, this movie takes place in a supermarket. The setting provides ample opportunity for creative and gory kill scenes involving supermarket equipment. If you're in the mood for something different and enjoy the thrill of a slasher film, you cannopt go far wrong with this one. [Intruder on IMDB]

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