My 5 Favorite Horror Movies of 2023

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These are my 5 favorite horror movies that released in 2023 including When Evil Lurks and M3GAN

Evil Dead Rise

The latest installment in the Evil Dead franchise revival, Evil Dead Rise, takes the torment to a dilapidated high-rise in LA, while still capturing the essence of the series. Director, Lee Cronin skillfully blends the best elements of Sam Raimi's original films and Fede Álvarez’s 2013 reboot, creating a modern remix that is both fresh and gory and resulting in a film that is both a tribute to its predecessors and a bold step forward for the franchise.

It takes a darker tone without losing the essence of its predecessors and it is a cool addition to one of the best film franchises of all time. [Evil Dead Rise on IMDB]

Talk To Me

Talk To Me revolves around a preserved hand that grants teenagers the ability to communicate with the dead, but if they allow the spirits to linger for more than 90 seconds, they may never leave. Fortunately, the teens’ timekeeping skills are less than perfect.

The movie might not have fully matched the buzz, but it came pretty close. It was frightening at times and occasionally quite brutal, and turned a typically teen-friendly horror into something much more intense and adult-rated. While it might not be as terrifying as some early reviews claimed, it's definitely one of the best horror films of 2023. [Talk To Me on IMDB]


M3GAN revolves around a life-sized companion doll powered by AI, who turns into a murderous maniac and hacks up anyone who crosses her path. But that’s not all — she also has some killer dance moves. This film was delightfully cheesy, yet self-aware of its own absurdity, making it a blast to watch. 

The film is quite funny throughout, not Chucky funny, but not too far behind, with even subtle moments drawing laughs. M3GAN, proves that while PG-13 horror can be a gamble, it can succeed without relying heavily on gore or strong language. An don't forget, M3GAN 2.0 is arriving in 2025! [M3GAN on IMDB]

No One Will Save You

Starring the talented Kaitlyn Dever, No One Will Save You is a film that follows her character’s journey to escape both an alien invasion and her own tragic past. The movie begins with a home invasion scene, as Dever is relentlessly pursued by an extraterrestrial intruder, but it soon becomes apparent that the aliens have infiltrated the entire town and are determined to take over the world.

If you watch to watch a fun alien invasion movie then you can do a lot worse and while it doesn't break new ground, it excels at using classic elements effectively. There's plenty of horror action and the film creates a tense atmosphere with, Brynn, the main character, being both strong and emotionally vulnerable, making her someone we can both root for and fear for. [No One Will Save You on IMDB]

When Evil Lurks

When Evil Lurks was the best horror movie of 2023, in my opinion, The film is set in a secluded village, where two brothers, Pedro and Jimmy, come across a demon that is on the brink of being physically manifested. Driven by their desire to safeguard their community, they attempt to perform an exorcism, but their efforts fall short, unleashing a wave of destruction and carnage upon their nearest and dearest.

It's is a fantastic horror film that doesn't shy away from the violence and gore. The characters' actions, driven by fear and genuine emotions, make the story easy to connect with and it's a must-watch for horror enthusiasts seeking a raw and intense viewing experience.

So, that's my list. What are your favorites from 2023? Let me know in the comments or join me on Twitter or Instagram

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