Mickey Mouse Horror Movie 'Screamboat' To Release in 2025

Screamboat is set to release in 2025

Get ready for a twisted take on the beloved Mickey Mouse as Screamboat will sail into theaters in 2025, promising to offer a unique blend of horror and comedy. The film has teamed up with Iconic Events, a company renowned for its involvement in other horror projects such as Mean One and Terrifier 2.

Production for Screamboat is set to commence in the spring, with the story centering around Mickey Mouse causing chaos on a ferry in New York City. The film promises to bring back old-school practical effects and miniatures, reminiscent of classic horror films. 

Christian Beckman's Quantum Creation FX, known for their work on The Last Voyage of the Demeter and The Book of Boba Fett, will be creating the demented version of Mickey Mouse for the film.

“A mischievous mouse stalks a group of New Yorkers on a late night ferry ride, unleashing murderous mayhem on a relaxing commute. Can the ship’s motley crew of travelers find a way to stop a killer creature who has developed a taste for tourists?”

This is one of two different horror movies based on Steamboat Willie that have emerged since the character entered the public domain as we also Mickey's Mouse Trap being released in 2024 as well.

After Winnie The Pooh 2 turned out to not be AS bad as people expected after the first one was one of the worse horror movies of all time, lets hope these adaptions also surprise us a little bit. Though don't expect too much I would say...

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