Al Pacino and Dan Stevens To Star In 'The Ritual'

Al Pacino and Dan Stevens are set to star in upcoming horror movie 'The Ritual'

Oscar-winning actor Al Pacino and Downton Abbey alum Dan Stevens are set to headline in XYZ Films' forthcoming horror flick, The Ritual, with the movie being centered around exorcisms. Drawing inspiration from the true account of Anna Ecklund (which is a pseudonym for Emma Schmidt), whose real-life struggle with demonic possession stands as one of the most extensively documented exorcisms in American history.

The movie unfolds with two priests: one, played by Stevens, grappling with his faith, while the other, portrayed by Pacino, confronts a troubled past. Together, they must set aside their personal differences and embark on a  journey of exorcisms to rescue a young woman under demonic siege.

The Ritual will be directed by David Midell and co-written by Midell and Enrico Natale.

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