Horror Movie Banned In The Uk Now Streaming


Possession can now be streamed on Amazon Prime

A horror film that was banned in the UK due to its disturbing content is now available to stream, but viewers are being warned about its gruesome nature. Possession, released in 1981, is a psychological horror movie starring Sam Neill and Isabelle Adjani as a married couple, one of whom is an international spy.  The film was so controversial that it was banned in both Britain and the US. Despite its poor performance at the box office, Adjani won a Best Actress award at Cannes for her role in the film.

Possession was branded a "video nasty" in the UK and was fully banned while a heavily edited release was the only version allowed to be shown in the US, with over 40 minutes of content cut out. The 118-minute director's cut was only passed by the British Board of Film Classification in 1999. 

Possession is currently streaming on Amazon Prime.