Terrifier 3 Will Be Even More Insane (Updated New Release Date)

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Will terrifier 3 be even more gruesome?

Updated 2nd May 2024

Following on from what was written originally below, it has recently been announced that the release date for Terrifier 3 has changed from October 25th to October 11th in USA. No word yet on the UK release which is still set at the original October 25th.

A new image of Art The Clown has also been revealed:

Terrifier 3 movie still featuring Art The clown

Original Article:

According to director Damien Leone, Terrifier 3 will be the most, um, terrifying film in the franchise. Filming has been underway for the highly anticipated movie, which promises to raise the bar even further on Art the Clown's gruesome exploits. This time, fans will get to see what he gets up to during Christmas.

The trailer features a child waking up during Christmas night and going downstairs to see the villain poking under the tree. The movie will see the return of David Howard Thornton as Art, Lauren and LaVera as Sienna. Chris Jericho, who had a cameo in Terrifier 2, is also set to appear again.

Leone gave fans an update on the movie, revealing that they just filmed one of the most insanely horrific scenes of the franchise. He also teased that fans will never believe who couldn't handle it on set, and that the behind-the-scenes footage is hilarious.

Watch the Terrifier 3 trailer.

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