Noroi: The Curse Review - Underrated Found Footage Horror

Noroi: The Curse horror movie review. Is it scary?

Noroi the Curse is a Japanese horror film that was released in 2005. It follows the story of a documentary filmmaker investigating a series of supernatural occurrences and mysterious deaths.

Plot Summary

In Noroi: The Curse, the main character is Masafumi Kobayashi, a documentarian of the supernatural. He investigates and documents unconnected events and characters, such as a woman reporting strange noises from her neighbor's house and a Japanese variety show featuring children undergoing psychic testing.

As the story unfolds, these seemingly unrelated threads start to connect, leading Kobayashi to a small village and a occult ritual. This ritual, performed to keep the demon of Kagutaba at bay, was once practiced regularly but has since been abandoned since the village was submerged due to a dam being built.

The movie goes beyond a simplistic premise of demons haunting a village and instead delves into the intricate details and complexities of the Kagutaba mythos. Throughout the movie, Masafumi Kobayashi's investigation goes deeper into these mythos, raising the stakes and uncovering the connections of the seemingly unrelated events and characters. 

One aspect that some of you might find frustrating though is the ambiguity of the plot, as it does leave many questions unanswered and doesn't provide clear explanations for some of the events that occur. 

The Scare Factor

Personally, I found the movie to be a creepy and disturbing film. While it may not have had the traditional jump scares that are often associated with horror movies, it still manages to create an atmosphere that sticks with you.

The lack of traditional scares actually had a greater impact on me as I like atmospheric type horror movies, while others may want more jump scares.  But, instead of relying on the cheap thrills, it focuses on building tension and suspense through its storytelling and unsettling imagery. 

Technical Achievements

One of the brilliant choices made in the movie was the incorporation of different sources and styles. The film seamlessly weaves together various threads that initially seem unrelated, such as news reports, Japanese variety shows, and documentaries. 

The special effects are subtle yet effective and rather than relying on flashy and exaggerated visuals, it opts for more understated techniques, and this approach adds to the creepiness and realism of the story. 

The camera angles and framing further enhance the tension too, often capturing unsettling images or emphasizing the isolation of the characters. These visual choices contribute to the film's ability to evoke fear and unease on those watching it.

The Cultural Significance

The film draws inspiration from Japanese folklore and urban legends, incorporating elements such as curses, spirits, and rituals. These themes resonate with Japanese audiences who are familiar with these supernatural concepts.

It explores societal issues prevalent in Japan, such as the influence of cults and the consequences of obsession and delves into the dark side of humanity and the lengths people will go to in order to achieve their desires. 

Do I Recommend Noroi: The Curse?

I absolutely love Noroi: The Curse and give it a strong 8/10. It is a captivating Japanese horror movie that weaves together different threads to create a beautifully intricate tapestry. It excels in building tension and creating an atmosphere that lingers long after the film ends. 

It may not be the scariest film ever made in terms of making you jump, but it has a unique ability to unsettle you and leave you feeling disturbed after watching it.

What's your thought on Noroi: The Curse?

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