'LongLegs' - Neon Release New Teaser Trailer (Updated With New Poster)

Neon are releasing the horror movie 'LongLegs' on July 12th

Updated Article 15/06/2024

A new poster was released yesterday for the movie featuring Nicholas Cage giving us all a glaring stare.

A new poster has been released for LongLegs featuring Nicholas Cage

Updated Article 05/06/2024

Following on from the below, it seems LongLegs is making quite the impression.

On May 31st, during the Los Angeles film festival Beyond Fest, the movie was given a surprise screening, and early feedback seems very positive from people in attendance.

The Nerds of Color had this to say
Osgood Perkins’ #Longlegs is a profoundly unsettling, deeply creepy film that will crawl and linger in your mind for days. Incredible performances from Maika Monroe, Nicolas Cage and Alicia Witt. And the best, most disturbing horror film of the year.
Film critic Courtney Howard followed on the positivity.
It’s as if #Longlegs was forged in Hell by Satan, who brought it as an artifact into our world as a gift. Osgood Perkins’ film is the real fucking shit. Mischievous, steadied tension build, SCARY & SICK AF. Maika Monroe is terrific. Nicolas Cage is in pure weirdo mode.
And Bill Bria who saw the film went even further, saying it is possible the scariest first ten minutes ever.
I was so lucky to see #Longlegs, and no exaggeration: it could be the best horror film of ‘24. Oz Perkins can really get under my skin; this is his masterpiece. Monroe gives a fabulously unique lead performance, and Cage? NIGHTMARISH. Maybe the scariest 1st 10 mins, ever.
Original Article 18/04/24

Now this is a movie I am looking forward to.

Neon has just released another teaser trailer for the upcoming horror film, Longlegs, which is set to release this July.  The story follows FBI Agent Lee Harker as she investigates an unsolved serial killer case that takes unexpected turns, revealing evidence of the occult and  Harker discovers a personal connection to the killer and must stop him before he strikes again.  

The film stars Maika Monroe as Lee Harker and the films cast also includes Nicolas Cage, Alicia Witt, Blair Underwood, and Dakota Daulby. Although there isn't much footage in the teaser, the text and the few shots included were enough to make me very intrigued.

A new poster was also released which you can see above as the main image on the page.

The film is set to release on July 12th.

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