Immaculate Is One Big Disappointment Of A Movie

Is Immaculate worth watching?

Immaculate is a horror film starring Sydney Sweeney who not only stars in the film but also took on the role of producer. This was a movie I was really looking forward to. So is it worth watching?

Plot Summary

Cecelia (Sweeney), who had a near-death experience as a child when she fell through the ice on a frozen lake, firmly believes that God has a purpose for her life. She travels to Italy to join a convent, where things take an unexpected turn when she becomes pregnant, despite being a virgin.

The Fathers at the convent are quick to declare her pregnancy as the second coming of Christ. But Cecelia and her only confidant at the convent, the rebellious Gwen, are skeptical of this claim, especially when they uncover the true extent of the mean Sister Isabelle's jealousy and malice.

My Thoughts

I had high hopes for this movie, and I quite like Sydney Sweeney, and she delivered a good performance and was the best bit about the movie for me. The main problem I had was I felt it just dragged, and was too slow.

Now, I don't mind slow burners when they are done well, but unfortunately it wasn't done well in Immaculate, as I didn't really feel as engaged as I wanted to be and some of the scenes just felt way too prolonged.

While the premise is interesting, the plot line just feels very disjointed and just leaves you feeling disconnected from it all and what is happening.

It also suffers from a poorly written story line that fails to fully explore the complexity of its premise. The narrative lacks depth and fails to effectively address the thought-provoking themes that it introduced, resulting in a missed opportunity to create a more meaningful story that would have actually had some impact on the viewer.

On the plus side, the visual elements of the movie was good, as was Sweeney. 

The best thing about it all was the ending, and I don't actually mean that in a good way. It was, um, not sure what word I am looking for here...


Personally I found Immaculate to be a rather forgettable viewing experience. I can only give this film a 4.5 out of 10 rating, as it fails to engage and also fails to provide a coherent and compelling storyline that just feels like it drags at times without actually doing much.

Despite breaking records for Neon, my recommendation is just watch Rosemary's Baby instead.

What did you think of ''Immaculate''. Love it or hate it? Or a bit meh?? Let me know in the comments or on my twitter.

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