Stephen King Says Give 'Night Swim' A Chance

Stephen King has called Night Swim a terrific suspense movie

Recently, renowned author Stephen King has endorsed Night Swim, a horror flick directed by first-time feature-length director Bryce McGuire, who previously created a short film with the same title. Produced by Blumhouse Production and Atomic Monster, the movie revolves around a family that moves into a house with a swimming pool that harbors a sinister secret. 

Despite receiving a low critics score of 21% on Rotten Tomatoes as of writing, the film has garnered a slightly more favorable audience score of 43%. Despite a lot of negative reviews, King has urged fans not to believe the critics and called the film a “terrific suspense movie.”

The release of the film's trailer in late 2023 sparked great anticipation among fans. But since its release, it has failed to impress both many critics and horror movie enthusiasts.

What did you think of Night Swim?