Terrifier 2 Team Set Date For Next Horror Movie

Stream is a new horror movie releasing in August 2024 from the team behind Terrifier 2

Stream, the upcoming horror movie from the creators of Terrifier 2, is poised to be released on August 21st, courtesy of Iconic Events Releasing. It features a star-studded cast comprising genre icons like Jeffrey Combs, Danielle Harris, Tony Todd,, Tim Reid, Dee Wallace, and David Howard Thornton.

You can watch the teaser trailer for Stream here

The synopsis reads:

“As the Keenan’s try to bring their family closer together, they unwittingly enter themselves into a game of life or death. With four deranged killers patrolling the halls of their hotel and competing for the most creative kills, the odds are definitely stacked against them.”

Director Michael Leavy had this to say:

“We are beyond thrilled to partner with Iconic Events Releasing again, but this time to bring an all new and modern horror film to the big screen! Stream is set to hit theaters across the country on August 21st. 
We built a very good relationship with Iconic through Terrifier 2 and now with the upcoming Terrifier 3, so we are honored to keep this train rolling and continue to deliver fun and exciting horror movies to our incredible fanbase and beyond.”

Another horror movie to look forward to I think!

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