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A review of horror film 'In A Violent Nature'
In A Violent Nature is told from the killers POV.

This is a film I highlighted in my 3 horror movies I have to watch in May, and having already written my review of Tarot, it's onto In A Violent Nature, a movie I was really looking forward to watching after watching the trailer.

The premise is fairly simple. In the wilderness, a group of teenagers on a weekend trip accidentally disturb a violent local spirit, and as a result, a masked killer starts hunting them down one by one in the woods. This movie, however, tells it from the killers point of view! So, is it worth a watch?

The film starts with a long, still shot of the woods and offscreen, a few male voices are heard, mentioning a locket found hanging on a tree. Unfortunately, removing the locket awakens someone from his long slumber, and a man emerges from beneath the wet foliage with his face hidden, but his visible skin looking disfigured.

He then begins walking through the woods, searching for the locket, with the camera following him the entire time, and he is determined to hunt down and kill those who disturbed him. As the friends go their separate ways and tensions rise among them, they are unaware that they are being targeted one by one.

This man is Johnny, and he is not a happy bunny.

A lot of the film consists of long, uncut shots of Johnny moving alone through the woods, with only the sounds of nature, which can be a bit dull at times, but that's intentional - it's trying to offer a fresh perspective which I can appreciate, but many might find it a bit boring. or a bit too slow.

In a Violent Nature succeeds though with its approach, and what you probably won't find boring is some of the kills, which are great to watch. Watching Johnny brutally murder people, smashing faces in, and dismembering them is brilliant old skool gruesome slasher horror.

The film's low-fi editing effectively builds the anticipation  and the absence of music nly enhances the sense of fear as you watch, all you hear is natures natural sounds. You are walking beside the killer and the focus is 100% on him, rather than  the victims, and it's an interesting movie to watch, a concept rarely explored, and you feel far less detached as a result.

The movie does require focus and patience, but with its emphasis on storytelling through dialogue and visuals, the film is both suspenseful and clever, and will earn the admiration of genre enthusiasts, appealing to both horror fans and those who appreciate artistic, hardcore slasher films.

I rate the film a 6.5 out of ten. I found it interesting if a little slow at times, but some of the kills were great, and I just appreciated this type of film being done a little bit differently. (And just because its different that doesn't automatically make it worth watching, hello Skinamarink). 

Director Chris Nash has brought something fresh to the big screen, which works in some ways, but it can feel repetitive and slow as well, which may not appeal to some. But it's worth sticking with it just for the violence alone.

What did you think of the movie? Let me know your thoughts on the movie in the comments or connect with me on my horror twitter and horror Instagram pages.

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