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'Sting' has many good points, but also some bad points which make it a movie you can miss on the big screen

Horror movies in 2024 are coming thick and fast! We have had Tarot, the worse horror movie of 2024, the disappointing Immaculate and All You Need Is Death, to the pretty good First Omen and Late Night With The Devil, to the excellent Abigail, and now, Sting. (I know others have released, but these are the ones I have seen so far!).


In a snowy New York apartment complex, a small meteorite crashes through a window, revealing itself to be an egg that hatches into a clever spider. Charlotte, a 12-year-old girl fascinated by her stepfather's graphic novel work, discovers and befriends the spider, keeping it hidden from everyone else in the building. But soon, the spider starts causing, shall we say, a bit of chaos.

My Thoughts

Directed by Kiah Roache-Turner, Sting presents a promising concept that could have delivered plenty of enjoyable moments playing on peoples arachnophobia fears, but, it falls slightly short as a spider-themed story and lacks any real impact.

The film has a mix of easy and difficult elements to appreciate about it. At its heart, it's a family drama centered around Charlotte and her strained relationship with her stepdad, echoing Spielbergian themes. Charlotte feels neglected and fears her stepdad might leave, especially with the arrival of her baby brother. 

The characters in the movie are all relatable as well. The family dynamics feel authentic, especially given the tense situation they're facing. Charlotte is particularly intriguing to watch as she forms a bond with Sting

There are also some interesting side characters like the exterminator and the elderly residents of the building. Sting's appearance is also genuinely creepy, especially if you're not fond of spiders. Its detailed design can make you feel like there's a bug crawling on you.

But the film struggles to find its identity within the horror genre,. It oscillates between intentional B-grade campiness and a more serious, atmospheric approach, resulting in a lot of inconsistency. Some horror moments feel gratuitous, lacking purpose beyond shock value, while others that are crucial for understanding the creature's behavior, are glossed over.

This uncertainty extends to Charlotte's characterization as well. Despite being a typical preteen, she's often framed in a sinister light, creating confusion about her role in the story. This visual inconsistency undermines our empathy for her character until the film abruptly shifts focus, expecting us to root for her.

Despite its flaws, Sting offers a little enjoyable creature-feature escapism, featuring some impressive practical effects. The core family drama adds depth to it all, although some might argue it also hinders it too, which I get. While the movie struggles to find its footing, it still provides some entertainment, particularly for fans of creature features, but it could have been a lot more.

It's not a movie I would recommend paying full price to watch. Wait for it to stream. It's just an  ok movie, and certainly watchable and not terrible, and I would give it a 5/10. [Sting on IMDB]

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