Hell House LLC Horror Movie Review

Is Hell House LLC worth watching?

Hell House LLC is a found footage film released in 2015 and follows a documentary crew as they investigate the mysterious events surrounding a tragedy that occurred during a Halloween haunted house tour at the Abaddon Hotel. 

Is it worth watching?

Hell House LLC begins with a documentary-style opening that sets the stage for the mysterious events surrounding a tragedy that occurred during a Halloween haunted house tour at the Abaddon Hotel.

The tragedy itself sets the foundation for the haunting and paranormal activities that follow. Without giving away too much, it involves an incident that resulted in the death of multiple people. The characters in the film consist of a group of individuals who have made a living out of setting up and running haunted houses, and they decide to use the Abaddon Hotel to transform it into a spooky attraction for Halloween. 

As the crew starts setting up the hotel, the tension begins to build. They encounter strange occurrences and unexplained events and the crew's enthusiasm and dedication to their work definitely make them relatable characters, but their actions also contribute to their eventual downfall.

One of the most best parts of the film is the presence of a creepy clown mannequin. The clown is bald, has blood coming out of its eyes, and is often found in unexpected places, and its appearance is both creepy and quite disturbing, and it serves as a constant reminder of the lurking evil within the hotel.

The clown mannequin becomes a recurring element, it appears in different rooms and even seemingly moves on its own. It has an uncanny presence that adds to the already growing sense of dread as you are watching, and you are wondering what role it will play in it all.

The movie is presented in the popular found footage format, and the use of handheld cameras and first-person perspectives enhances the sense of being a part of the unfolding events, and creates a sense of unease as you watch the action unfold.

One of the most effective techniques that is used in the movie is the utilization of non-moving scenes and inanimate objects to generate fear. The lingering shots of the mannequins standing still in unexpected places evoke were brilliantly executed and you start questioning whether they will suddenly come to life or if there's someone hiding among them. 

And with many of the scenes taking place in dimly lit rooms or corridors, you can't help but also feel a bit claustrophobia and vulnerable, and the use of shadows and silhouettes enhances the feeling of an unseen presence lurking in the darkness.

Would I Recommend Hell House LLC?

 As a fan of unnerving and creepy found footage movies, I have to say that Hell House LLC exceeded my expectations. 

The quality is top notch, considering its low budget and the acting is convincing. The cinematography effectively creates a pretty creepy atmosphere while the use of the found footage format adds to the authenticity.

Speaking of scares, it also does a fantastic job of creating a sense of dread and delivering effective jump scares. I don't normally react these days to jump scares, I think I am immune, but this movie got me a couple of times.

I would give it 7.5/10. Well worth a watch. [Hell House LLC on IMDB]

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