Hell House LLC II: The Abaddon Hotel Movie Review

Hell House 2 horror movie review

I am a big fan of the Hell House horror movie franchise. I have reviewed the first Hell House movie before, which I really enjoyed, but the sequel was a bit of a letdown and the weakest entry into the franchise in my view, while still being watchable and certainly not terrible.

Plot Overview

For those who haven't seen the first film, watching the sequel can be quite confusing. The events and characters from the first film are referenced and play a significant role in the sequel. I highly recommended to watch the first Hell House before diving into the second one to fully understand the story. 

The focus of Hell House LLC II is primarily on the aftermath of the first film. It takes place eight years after the events of the first movie. The setting has shifted to the present day, and the main character, Suzy McCombs, is a reporter investigating the disappearances that have been occurring since that fateful night at the Abaddon Hotel.

Suzy hosts a morning show called "Morning Mysteries," where she seeks answers about whether the events of the first movie were real or just a hoax. She is determined to uncover the truth behind the history of the Aberdeen Hotel and the secrets that the town has been keeping.

As She delves deeper into her investigation, she encounters other characters who also have their own motivations for exploring the hotel. The sequel follows a similar structure to the original movie, with a mix of documentary-style investigation and the characters' own experiences inside the haunted hotel. 

The sequel maintains the eerie atmosphere and chilling presence of the original. The Aberdeen Hotel continues to be a central location, with the basement becoming a crucial point in the investigation and the film explores more of the history of the hotel, including the role of Andrew Tully, the former owner of the Abaddon.

Structure and Shifts

Hell House LLC II utilizes time shifts to tell its story, which can be both intriguing and confusing.. The film incorporates interview and documentary footage to add depth and context to the events of the first film. These shifts between past and present, along with the use of different formats, help to build suspense and create a sense of mystery.

The jarring and messy feel of the shifts can be both a strength and a weakness of the film. On one hand, it adds to the unsettling atmosphere and keeps viewers engaged. On the other hand, it can lead to confusion and hinder the overall storytelling experience. 

The abrupt transitions between interview footage, news clips, and the new documentary crew's exploration of the Abaddon hotel disrupts the flow of the narrative.

Despite the challenges posed by the shifts in structure, it still manages to deliver genuine scares and maintain a creepy atmosphere. The use of different formats and perspectives adds a layer of realism and immersion to the film. 

Scares and Atmosphere

The filmmakers behind the movie have a knack for crafting genuine scares.. Just like in the first film, they know how to build suspense and create an unsettling atmosphere.

One of the best aspects of the film is the spooky and creepy scenes set within the Abaddon hotel. The dilapidated setting, coupled with flickering lights and ghostly sounds, adds to that overall sense of unease. The filmmakers use these elements to their advantage, heightening the tension and and making you feel like you cannot take your eyes of it,

From jump scares to unsettling visuals, the film delivers several moments that will make you jump out of your seat (Maybe). The atmospheric elements of the film also contribute to its impact, there is a sense of foreboding through the use of lighting, sound design, and set design, which is brilliant. The Abaddon hotel itself becomes a character in the film, with its dark corridors and hidden secrets.

Weaknesses in Storytelling

While Hell House LLC II offers a continuation of the events from the first film, it falls short in terms of storytelling. The lack of good storytelling in the film is evident from several aspects, including the poor acting and presentation. The setup of the film can be messy and the pacing feels jarring at times.

The poor acting and presentation hinders the ability to fully engage with the film. The performances were not as strong as the first movie at all I felt.

And the injection of misplaced humor throughout the film feels out of place and detracts from the overall experience as well. 

Final Rating and Conclusion

I would give the movie a rating of 5.5. While it falls short in terms of storytelling and has its share of flaws, it still offers a half decent continuation of the events from the first film and delivers some good moments.  It is 100% the worse addition in the Hell House franchise, while not being terrible. And that's not necessarily a bad thing. [Hell House LLC II: The Abaddon Hotel on IMDB]

What's your thoughts on Hell House II? Is it the worse movie in the Hell House franchise?

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