My Thoughts After Watching 'The First Omen'

A review and thoughts on the horror movie 'The First Omen'

After nearly two decades, the Omen franchise has returned with a prequel to the iconic original film. But would it capture the same essence that made its predecessor a horror classic?


The First Omen delves into the events that preceded the birth of Damien, the infamous Antichrist. Set in Rome, the film follows Margaret, a young woman on the brink of becoming a nun, who unwittingly becomes entangled in a sinister plot orchestrated by a clandestine sect of the Catholic Church.

As Margaret delves deeper into the secrets of the church, she discovers shocking revelations about her own past and her connection to the Antichrist.

My Thoughts

Well, the film not only met but exceeded my expectations I have to say. Unlike other prequels that feel like mere cash grabs, the film added new layers, offering a backstory that feels both earned and relevant. It doesn't shy away from exploring the complex motivations of its characters, painting a nuanced portrait of extremism without demonizing organized religion as a whole.

The horror elements are well crafted, avoiding cheap jump scares in favor of a more psychological approach. The film haunts you with its graphic imagery and disturbing sequences. And Margaret's journey from innocence to darkness was excellent to watch unfold. 

Nell Tiger Free is just brilliant as Margaret. She effortlessly captures the essence of her character's journey. Free's nuanced performance effectively communicates the sense of dread, tragedy, and horror that Margaret experiences. This allows you to deeply empathize with Margaret's struggles, intensifying the emotional impact of the story's crucial moments.

The ending to the film was brilliant, and a sequel to the prequel (Hey, that rhymed), will most definitely be released at some point. Director Arkasha Stevenson also demonstrated a keen understanding of the original film's tone and atmosphere, and delivered a prequel that honors its legacy while offering fresh insights.

On the downside, the film occasionally suffers from pacing issues, but isn't anything too major.

This prequel is a welcome addition to the Omen franchise, and while I wasn't expecting much, I am happy to say it delivered and look forward to see what happens next with the franchise. I would give the film a 7.5/10.

I have seen it being compared to Immaculate, but The First Omen is much better it has to be said.

While the film does stand on its own merits, I would personally recommend watching the original Omen first to fully appreciate its connections and nuances. 

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