'The Substance' Starring Demi Moore Has Teaser Reveal

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Teaser reveal for horror film 'The Substance'

Deatils about Coralie Fargeat's new horror film, The Substance, had been kept keenly under wraps, until a teaser clip was revealed this week, which you can watch below. Described as a body horror movie with a feminist twist, Fargeat has hinted that it would push boundaries with a different kind of violence

The Cannes Film Festival synopsis and the newly released teaser reveal that the movie is about a middle-aged woman longing for her lost youth and the mysterious substance that promises to restore it. Given the body horror genre and some of the unsettling images in the teaser, it's clear that things will likely go very wrong.

The movie is being produced by Coralie Fargeat (who also directs it,) Eric Fellner, and Tim Bevan for Working Title. This follows Fargeat's first feature film, Revenge, which premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival in 2017. 

Along with Demi Moore, the movie will also star Margaret Qualley, Ray Liotta and Dennis Quaid and Mubi has picked up the worldwide rights to the film ahead of it's debut at Cannes. [The Substance on IMDB]