Cruel: The Cross Village Encounter Releases On Youtube

The movie was made with a $100 budget and is a found footage horror film

A new short horror movie titled Cruel: The Cross Village Encounter, released on Youtube yesterday, so if you fancy watching a short horror movie, less than an hour, then maybe check it out.

The film was apparently made for just $100, which is a bit crazy really, and stars Maddie Reardon, Ali Issa, Laura Reyes, and CJ Patterson. The movie delves into the mysterious case of a young couple who claim to have been viciously attacked by the infamous Michigan Dog Man. 

With a determined crew conducting interviews with all parties involved, the story takes the audience on a journey across the state, from the bustling city of Detroit to the quaint village of Cross Village, in search of the truth behind the  incident.

The producers of the movie had this to say

I’ve been a horror and genre film nut as long as I can remember, and since I was a child I’ve wanted to make a movie. I began years ago making music videos for my own bands as well as fellow musicians I came in contact with. “CRUEL” is my first picture, and it was a spur of the moment situation. 

Initially I was to work on a different project with a crew, but scheduling became quite an issue. So in the meantime, I grabbed my camera and a few friends and we decided on a whim to pay homage to our favorite found footage horror films– “The Blair Witch Project”, “Hell House LLC”, and “Horror in the High Desert” to name a few.

This film, however, was made with no budget whatsoever and can hopefully be a testament to the ideology that ‘if you want to make a movie, you can’. I plan on making “CRUEL” a found footage/documentary style series with predominantly the same cast who will play different roles. The second in the series will also follow Michigan folklore, a subject near and dear to me.

Currently I am filming a violent slasher film entitled “Blood Gorge”, starring most of the cast of “CRUEL” as well as a few new faces. I’ve been lucky enough to find a group of people as passionate as I am about film making. Look out, because we are going to be making lots of genre material for true fans, by true fans.”

Sounds pretty interesting, and while I have not seen it yet (I am going to watch it on my commute to work this week), I will go in with low expectations considering the budget, but as a fan of the found footage genre, I am looking forward to seeing what they have done with a $100 horror movie.