The Blob Is Getting Another Remake (Updated With Cast Details)

The Blob horror movie is getting the modern day makeover with another remake set to be released.

Updated 05.23.24

Following on from the below article, cast details have been released regarding the movie, and none other then Samuel L Jackson will be starring.

Jackson will play a biochemistry professor trying to stop the slimy monster that was found deep underground. Still not much more is known, but will keep this page updated!

Original Article 4/6/24

If you wasn't aware, The Blob is getting another remake. Originally released in 1958, a remake was released in 1988, and now it is getting a new re-imagining.

It was announced that David Bruckner, known for his work on Hellraiser, would be writing and directing the new version.

When speaking in an interview with, producer Keith Levine revealed that the new version of "The Blob" will pay homage to the practical effects used in previous iterations of the sci-fi tale.

“There’s this movie theater scene towards the end of it where these kids sneak out and they go to the movies and then they get killed by the blob … I think that was the first time I had seen kids my age die. I was watching all these horror movies. 
It was always about teenagers and older people, and I think I was like, ‘It never felt like me,’ but that movie, just because of that scene, really, really, really terrorized me. So very excited to dive into that world and honor the practical effects, the tactile feel of it. We’re just excited about all the possibilities there.”

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