3 Horror Movies Releasing In July 2024 To Watch

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In my June horror movie preview, I had selected The Watchers, Under Paris and a Quiet Place: Day One to watch. I have actually yet to see the new Quiet Place movie, but it is on my list, especially after reading about it breaking records.

Hopefully I have saved the best until last, because I really did not like The Watchers nor Under Paris.

I am much more hopeful for July's offering's though, as all 3 of these look like crackers so hopefully I will not be disappointed.


The third and final installment in the X trilogy by Ti West following on from X and Pearl, this one is garnering much attention and hype since the release of the MaXXXine trailers.

Mia Goth is reprising her role as Maxine. Set in the 1980s, Maxine is an adult film star with dreams of becoming an actress, but just as she's about to make it big, a mysterious killer called the Night Stalker targets her. MaXXXine is releasing on July 5, 2024. [MaXXXine on IMDB]


Who isn't hyped for this one? After the final trailer got released the other day, and with all the marketing that has gone into it and with already very positive reviews doing the rounds, LongLegs is probably the most anticipated horror movie for a while, and I think Nicolas Cage is going to nail this one!

Written and directed by Oz Perkins, LongLegs is about a rookie FBI agent named Lee Harker hunting a serial killer, and as Harker investigates, she finds a personal link to the killer that could help her stop him before he kills again. 

Longlegs will be releasing on July 12th. [LongLegs on IMDB]

Dead Whisper

Dead Whisper has gone a little bitunder the radar but is a movie that looks very interesting.

The movie is about Elliot who is a Cape Cod lawyer drawn to a mysterious island. Depressed since his daughter Elise's death, he believes the island will bring him peace and a chance to reunite with her, but he might have to give up his soul for this to happen. Dead Whisper opens on on July 5th in select places before hitting digital platforms from July 9th. [Dead Whisper on IMDB]

What horror movies are you looking forward to in July? Let me know your thoughts  in the comments or connect with me on my horror twitter and horror Instagram pages.

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