M. Night Shyamalan's ‘Trap' Trailer Released

A trailer has been revealed for 'Trap' which reveals quite a lot!

While no release date has been set yet, a trailer has been released from M. Night Shyamalan's latest movie, Trap. In the film, Josh Hartnett plays the role of a seemingly a ordinary father who takes his young daughter, Jody (Ariel Donoghue), to attend a concert by the popular pop star Lady Raven, portrayed by none other than Saleka Shyamalan, the daughter of the renowned filmmaker, Shyamalan. 

The trailer actually gives a lot away, which is surprising for a Shyamalan movie, where you always expect a twist towards the end, and I would guess a big twist will still be in the movie.

At the concert, Hartnett discovers a massive police presence. The police were tipped off that The Butcher, a notorious local serial killer, would be attending the concert. In response, they transformed the arena into a strategic trap. As fate would have it, the killer turned out to be none other than the father himself, portrayed by Hartnett. 

Are you looking forward to Trap? Personally I am not a massive fan of Shyamalan, but his films always interest me enough to at least want to watch them despite previous disappointments!

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