Netflix Release Trailer For Shark Horror 'Under Paris'

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'Under Paris' horror movie from Netflix

Netflix has just released the trailer for its underwater horror movie Under Paris, which promises to deliver an underwater horror experience set against the stunning backdrop of Paris. Directed by the renowned Xavier Gens, who has previously worked on films such as Mayhem! and Frontiers, this movie is set to blend elements of horror and suspense to depict a terrifying shark attack in the heart of the French capital. 

The plot centers around Sophia, a brilliant scientist, who is tipped off by Mika, a passionate environmental activist, about the alarming presence of a massive shark in the Seine River. With the threat of an imminent attack looming large, Sophia and Mika team up with Adil, a seasoned commander of the Seine river police, in a race against time to avert a catastrophic disaster during the high-profile global event. [Under Paris on IMDB]

It is set to be released exclusively on Netflix worldwide on June 5th, 2024. Watch the trailer below.

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