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Abigail is released on streaming platform VOD on May 7th

After just a fortnight in cinemas, Abigail has already made its way onto a digital platform. This vampire horror flick, centered around a bloodthirsty ballerina, made its digital debut on Tuesday (May 7) via VOD

Initially premiering in theaters on April 19, despite favorable reviews and a significant social media presence — boasting over 4 million views for its trailer on YouTube, the movie failed to spook up substantial box office numbers. Opening weekend earnings amounted to a modest $10 million.

In a recent interview, the directors disclosed a significant change was made with the movie's title. 

Director Matt Bettinelli-Olpin had this to say:
The first draft we got was called Abducting Abigail, and we later learned that an earlier draft we never saw had been called Dracula’s Daughter. But we just were not fans of the Abducting Abigail title. So we just asked that it be called Abigail because we really liked that, and it stuck through production. 

In so many of the movies that we love where you kind of care about the villain, the villain is such a major part of the story, but they’re not one of the ‘main characters,’ like Alien, Jaws, Terminator, Predator. But the title character is still the villain or the monster, so we used that blueprint for Abigail.

In my review of Abigail, I gave it an 8/10, and really enjoyed it. Most people I have spoken to about it as well seemed to have liked it too. 

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