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*I have purposely left out a few very famous and obvious movies here, such as The Shining and The Thing, because everyone knows about those*

Cold Prey

This Norwegian horror movie is perfect for anyone who wants a slasher film that is set in snowy landscapes. It starts with a scene of a young boy being chased through the snow by an unknown threat, and then, we fast forward several decades where five young snowboarders head to a remote spot in the Jotunheimen mountain range to avoid the crowds. 

But, their plans take a turn when one of them has an accident, forcing them to seek shelter in what appears to be an abandoned lodge. Soon, they realize they're not alone as someone in heavy winter gear starts hunting them down. With no distractions or side stories, it's a straightforward survival story as these young adults fight for their lives against a masked killer in the unforgiving snowy wilderness. [Cold Prey on IMDB]


No, not that Frozen, this is a movie where the harsh winter weather takes on the role of the main antagonist. The story is pretty straightforward: three friends are at a ski resort and decide to take one final run down a nearby mountain. They persuade the ski lift operator to let them ride up alone, but a small misunderstanding leads to the lift getting shut down while they're still high above the snowy landscape. 

With the temperature plummeting and ill-prepared for an overnight stay, they have to ask themselves a question: can they survive the fall if they attempt to escape? And what dangers lurk below if they manage to make it down? It's a survival tale with no supernatural elements or deliberate evil at play - just a simple mistake, freezing conditions, and tough decisions ahead. [Frozen on IMDB]

The Lodge

Richard Marshall, a writer, falls in love with Grace, the sole survivor of a cult's mass suicide. Grace is a complex individual, both timid and reserved and when Richard announces their plans to marry, it triggers a family tragedy, causing his children to turn against Grace. Months later, Richard suggests spending Christmas at his remote winter lodge, but he is called away, leaving Grace and the kids alone at the lodge.

Strange occurrences soon unsettle them all. Grace's dog disappears, along with their belongings. Isolated and snowbound, they are miles away from any assistance, and it becomes apparent that someone or something is haunting them. [The Lodge on IMDB]

Devil's Pass

In 1959, a group of nine hikers died under mysterious circumstances in the Russian Ural Mountains. Their bodies showed signs of both hypothermia and physical trauma, and their clothing varied from appropriate winter attire to nearly naked. 

In Devil’s Pass (also known as The Dyatlov Pass Incident), five American students embark on a journey to create a documentary about the mystery and perhaps uncover the truth. They face resistance from Russian authorities but persist in their quest, venturing into the region where the hikers met their tragic end. 

This movie offers som genuine scares, a compelling mystery, and a twisted conclusion. Presented through footage captured by the students, it will appeal to fans of found footage films and winter horror alike. [Devil's Pass on IMDB]

The Children

Evil children are a common theme in horror, from infamous figures such as Damien Thorn in The Omen. Typically, these young villains are portrayed as inherently corrupt or supernaturally wicked, justifying their defeat or even their demise. But what if their twisted behavior wasn't a result of their nature, but rather a contagious influence?

In The Children, two couples and their adorable kids gather to celebrate Christmas in a secluded house surrounded by woods. When the children start falling mysteriously ill, their parents and older sibling become concerned, but, their worry turns to horror as the kids become violent, forcing everyone to make some choices they don't want to make. It's a decent British film that is worth a watch. [The Children on IMDB]

Dead Snow

Picture this: snow and Nazi zombies. Sounds good, right? Tommy Wirkola's film, Dead Snow, is all about style with little substance. But on those cold, dark nights, who's really searching for deep meaning in their entertainment? 

The film is a wild horror flick set in a Norwegian mountain cabin supposedly for skiing, but mainly serving as a buffet for undead Nazis. Watch as these ghouls march around, feasting on humans and unleashing World War II weaponry against the living. Lovely jubbly! [Dead Snow on IMDB]

Let The Right One In

The original Swedish film is hailed as a timeless classic, and rightfully so. It  evokes a mix of nostalgia and unease for 1980s childhoods under snowy blankets and portrays a world where the threat of violently aggressive bullies is more terrifying than the vampire anti-heroine. The film also has a pretty good remake, titled Let Me In, which added extra some depth from the original..[Let The Right One In on IMDB]

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