New Horror Movie With A Twist Coming To Shudder (Updated UK Release Date)

New horror movie In A Violent Nature releasing in May 2024
In A Violent Nature Will Be Coming To Shudder

Updated on 5/27/24

The movie now has a UK release date!  In A Violent Nature will be in UK and Irish cinemas on the 12th July, courtesy of Altitude Films

Original article 2/25/24

A new horror film is causing a stir by completely attempting to subvert the slasher genre. The first trailer for In a Violent Nature has recently been released online, showcasing why the film received such a positive response at the Sundance Film Festival in January 2024. 

The movie screened in the festival's Midnight strand, where other horror hits like "The Blair Witch Project," Hereditary, and "Dashcam" first premiered. Early opinions have been positive and some viewers have branded the film as fascinating and impressive. What's exciting for horror fans is that the film is a slasher told through the killer's eyes. 

The synopsis reads: 
Delve into the wilderness where an undead horror awakens. In a Violent Nature flips the script on traditional slashers, inviting you to witness the rampage from the monster's eyes.
At the time of writing, the film has a 89% on review aggregate site Rotten Tomatoes as of writing.. It's worth mentioning though that those who enjoy faster-paced filmmaking might be left somewhat frustrated: those who saw the film at Sundance have said the film is inspired by slow cinema, featuring longer takes and no musical score. 

Canadian writer-director Chris Nash, described this as a slower, more methodical, more deliberate way to "follow characters through a scene." "In a Violent Nature" will be released in the US by IFC Films on May 31 before being added to horror streaming service Shudder later this year.

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